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    Takashi Matsuura

    CEO in PT. Interspace Indonesia

    Takashi has more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing in Japan. In addition, he had some experiences of Online to Offline Business and business development of cross-border E-commerce.

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    Shinichiro Kawabata

    Director in PT. Interspace Indonesia / Founder and CEO in Interspace Co.,ltd.

    Since the establishment of Interspace Co.,ltd. in '1999, he has continued to promote an online marketing platform, ACCESS TRADE and media biz.

  • team 3

    Shohei Fujita

    Director in PT. Interspace Indonesia & General Manager in Overseas Business Strategy of Interspace Co., ltd.

    Shohei has 10+ years of internet industry experience in business development and investment in Japan, Korea and China.

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